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Not Dead Yet.
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Jul. 14th, 2005 @ 07:14 am Step From and Between Your Dreamz
As a Young Thought it was hinted that Dreams could be Steered and Hee Haw Yes! SeaBees Can Do! And Everyone Jonathans There in some Mode Trust that ONE of ALL the Numbers and BASE Ten? Zero to Nine and Base Nine traditions is Eight From the Zero but!

Zero and Nothing are Two and Distinct so How do you DeFine Nothing in the Voids Between the Dreams? Lightyears from Particles? and is it of Massless the Photon but Gravity Bends it? Streams of Particles? and In the MiniVerses From the Center to the Excited Crowd there is What Nothing? Zero?

The Pattern do you see it Now ONE two three four five six nevin eight nine ONE!

Where Fours Art the Zero? and is it Nothing after ALL? or Everything After Nothing Like that Dreaded Night the Rockie Dreams Were Steered Safely From.

It's Everything in ONE and NO! need? to rent to own it's Free.

Rent to Own a License Some View to Steal.

They Defend the Nothing by saying it's to Help those that Cannot Afford but they Take from the Very that can Afford it the Least. Payday Tommorrow but WANT today why Wait? and It's the Same Tired Parasitic Story We Help! They Help Themsleves while Others Pay the Way. It's Fare Trade cause its only the weak Interest but In the Reality...

Do The Math and Convert the Weekly Rate to a Yearly So It is Clear to ALL and Turn the Tables.
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