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Not Dead Yet.
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Jul. 6th, 2005 @ 05:05 pm Don't Let Go Boots!
I Forgot Sorry!

I left you Hanging with the Balloons and the Hula Hoop and I could have sworn I suggested ONE Balloon at a time Write?

One at a Time Be Patient Glo Slow but?

So Um Yeah it Might be Fun to have someone Hold On To You just so You Could Tie a Few Dozen More on IT but Geeeeeforce they got Bored and Left You Hanging Holding On with One Hand Even?

No Big Deal Write? You Just hopped up like a swing and WOW what fun but,

OH but even first Think of Weddings and Balloon Launches and How Cool if they In UV 40 Hours Vanished and Treat them Like Film Up Until the Time to Inflate Like a Few OURS earlier?

And its the Tangential Timewarp Thing Sorry but Hey, There You are Floating around on Your Cloud and Think and Don't be Too Fast to Stay cause you Know The Eagle's Tail and UV and Failrates and Better to Plan and take Little Steps Untie and set free One slowly at a Time to Stop the Fast Fall from Quick.
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