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Not Dead Yet.
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Jul. 6th, 2005 @ 12:21 pm Bumped out a Last? Wrinkle in Time!
TRavel backwards NOW makes sense the blankhole thing of the Speed of Light Traveling Out and if You could Just Run!!! a Faster You could get Ahead and catch it and hey if it took That and That long to get there and You are Hear Now then Subtract the Time Spent by that Vision you Hold or See or Whatever and Since you can now Run to the Beginning and You are in You own Grandfathers House Being Built Then and It burnt? PhoniexEden?

Dunno but see that Makes some Sense but to leap ahead or even to be able to leap back and then return to you're Future? Passed?

Dunno. but The Beginning Exists so It must! be Still There.

Tomorow and Today.

Floating Lands in the East with Power to keep Level cause it is Fluid. And LOST! PowerTwoAtlanTisLook Deeper Thoughts on that and On Pyramids on their Heads and Under the House Yes I meant to Do that Five Years Ago and Just for a Story or Too Safe Place I meant two dew that Inverted Pyramid and Safe and Strong.
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