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Not Dead Yet.
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Jul. 6th, 2005 @ 11:59 am The Wondering Wombas!
I REmembered Sort of In a way.

When I was at some past time younger I wrote a five paragraph Short Story for and English Class which I really Disliked then but it was about give or take Twenty Pages long and About a small Harmonious Group that Lived under Mushrooms and ate these little pellots that appeared everyday.

One day I think but the Story Eludes me here, someone got up and bumped a Neighbors Sphere No Big Deal Round thing Rolls it's the First Wheel.

Rolled just a Butterfly's Eyelash but the Wombas they were Very Small of physical Statue but Oh So Tall and Pround and Happy as they Had All the Writes to Be or NotTwoBeesAgain?.

Trivial and Such an Insignifigant Action and the Reaction to it Though. Panic and Masses and Moments.

The Owner Paniced at First Nob Big Deal REasonable but then It Saw and whew, Things are Ok.

Someone else whispered though.

What if It was REally not there and What if the Next day it's gone?

Better gather what you can Fast! Bored them up and Fission and U235 and Boom and the Mushroom and the Primordial Masses of it all Mixed in the Light. Ning the One Celled and Green to Start so Eden Now and Then and Still and they made me write it and REwrite it over and fix the spelling and this and change that and Eight Times That Even!

Odd? I hated to write I just wanted a Thought

I should have tried Harder then I guess for Number Nine then but Hey I can go back and Edit sure and Why bother though Maybe I will, Probobly I already Have?

And Yes that was what I was trying to remember Earlier Just got bumped out of Line.
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