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Not Dead Yet.
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Jul. 4th, 2005 @ 06:32 pm No Buddies Fault But Mime!
Here There Be Violins! or Giant Windmills and Hear the Violin in This Wine and sure a Holiday and Song and Can I Take a Nap? Please?

Know? Of Course Not!

Who Knows Everyone Minus One Undivided the Town.

Or Everyone?


I wanted to See the Parade. I meant to Dew That!

So Odd to have People Not Look Up as You DriveBy Or Past aRound Here Except that Quick CallSign to the Catcher down a Bit or Two.

I was Counting Shorter But 7League Steps to Head them Off, On Four and Three, To, Toss the Keys, One, Rest Rest Rest and Click.

Why Run if They See Already?

Time and Relatives and Blinks of a Thought on a Holiday.

Fourth of July
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