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Not Dead Yet.
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Jul. 3rd, 2005 @ 09:05 am QuadOwed Two The SlingShot!
Ode Dew The Slingshot?

Noun Always? Pletheras?

So That Siberian Focused What? How Wide and How Deep in IT, were Those Romans and How FarScaped by Now and What the Heck was Nero Really Fiddlin With?

Big Round Colosnoseeum with Adjustable FocusHere! Floors?

Soooo Wide and so or so HI!


Math Conversions Scale Models and Hold Those Ray's Nostaglia!

Was It Just to test there or Play FOR RealThere or their? or Freud Left his Hook?

And ahook? From Left Field.

Ever Wonder Why?

Cell Minutes are Free! after Hours and Weekends and so Archaic back to Landlines Nine To Five and go Home and and Blue Laws and Blue Jeans? 505! and Flat Rate Phones Spread the Peak Out Costs Less in that Really Long Run I Bet, well Sometimes.


Five and Zero Five is Ten Then or One and Zero is ONE?

Always one. 505
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