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Not Dead Yet.
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Jul. 3rd, 2005 @ 07:47 am Slingshotted Cubenism on A ShoeString Theory Budget
Run? Run!!! What?

Run a Basic Thought Through Those Borned Again PC's?

Want to Feed Them?

Give Them an Electronic Book on Fishing and Teach Them All to Read.

Sorry About The Only One Language Thing I wish I could Translate but I'm Not Very Good With the Languages.

Kinda Odd. I like to Think of The Path to the Thoughts.

Do we think in Words? I can Think Things into the Moment of a Picture of a Thousand Words that Would Take Time I don't Have to Say.

It's all Relative No matter How Far or Close You Look and See?now?

The Closest I would Imagine Being Able to Really Put that Thought into Words would be to Not have Any Words Learned, Because if You Thought, Still, But Didn't Know any Words at ALL, Your Proof is There, but Dang, Who Could you Tell?

The Next Closest I think would Bee to be Fluent in ALL the Languages Quick and Dead Two.

See? Scroll Back.

Anolog this One it's a Three or Four More! Partner Golden Oldie.

One side Trying Timelessly to Ruin the End. Remember's All the Past like it was a Nano Ago Except if you are from the Future, on that Other Side Traveling BackToWards how could you be in those Memories?

The Other's Passed would be Forgotten in a Daze but the Future Would Be the Other's Past and Could the Future be in That Fun?Site?

Stories. Relax.

So Much Rope and It's in a Big Big Bow or a Big boKnot?

What if I leave My Toys and Run?

Walk Away and Not Even the Shadow.

It's Always HighNoon and Shadowless Somewhere.

But I'm Tired.

Not Likelyme To Run From Anything Anyways.

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