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Not Dead Yet.
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Jul. 1st, 2005 @ 08:43 am Spontanious Combustion!
It Didn't Work Too Long Then Either!

Honest! LOL.

Nothing Here cept that Truck and Not Everything is Fair Game.

Stop and Think Long Term Before You Play That Joker Card!

Tick me off I might not leave you the Farm! LMAO!

So Um, Dang, Who Tied My Foot to that Cart?

Shirley? You don't think I can hop around on ONE Foot Forever Dew U2? and QUITSMOKING Calling Me Skippy! Janet!

There's That Timewarp Again.

I Swear!

But I'll make an Effort not two and ONE?

Twenty One? How did that get to be a Lucky Number?

Tree NeveN? Seven Is that Lucky Number and Good Luck Twice.

Fourteen and One and Four? Five!

OK. Someone Please Explain to me how the FBI got to Aruba and Did they Bring some Rice to Put on the Checker BoredYet?

Maybe Someone could Explain why It is Taking so Long to have Others Notice or am I in Truman's Bubble?

This isn't Going to Waste, Remember That Tesseract.

Drills and Bits and Practice Makes.

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