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Not Dead Yet.
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Jun. 29th, 2005 @ 01:57 pm I Forgot!
Um Yeah, this is The 29th LOL and Aren't I supposed to be Having Surgery?

Oops! LOL, I hope this doesn't put a crimp in anyone's plans, but I thought I was scheduled for Surgery and that's a long story but the short version and this is a run on already but anywayz, the Short version is I forget to do things, My Doctor calls my Surgeon, I get a call Months? ago to be there Today and call them, I assume, um yeah, that means I am having surgery and I meant to call Honest!


I forgot to call and I forgot and I Forgot and Forgot again Even!


You can't call at MidnightStrikes! when you Wake Up! and Remember, and Shirley (Don't Call me That!) I could Remember to do such a Simple Thing First thing, After my Coffee, but I digress and I forget.

I called, apparently last week?, Just Cause? once again, I forget, and Discovered they Wanted me to travel 5 hours each way so they can look at my head and say um, yeah, we need to cut that off, and why can't I send them a Picture?

Now this is an unusual situation, there are reasons to see a Doctor in Person, but I am not going to Die from infection like I almost did the first two times. There isn't a rush and for the Life of me I don't see why I can't be scheduled for a follow up with Surgery the next day.

Don't take this as an excuse to just email your doctor! LOL.

So um, Yeah, if this caused any problems.

OOPS? Sorry! Honest!

I'll work it off, Oxen.
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