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Not Dead Yet.
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Jun. 28th, 2005 @ 08:23 am I See the Signs!
And I bet Eglin Never Ever Let's You Use the Weather Machine Again!

Having Fun With Those Storms?

The Aces of Bases Have Loaded the Wrecking Crew With So Many Hands Pushing that Pendulum WriteYourCongressMan at the Right Moment.

Don't'noD and Don't Stop It!, Just Get Your hands on the Rudder.


Precision is Statistics Applied and if you Read it in a Big Book and Statistically You get Twice as Much but you get The Same or Less Divide To Reality and my Isn't that Broad?

It Would take a ClassLess Action Polyester Leisure Suit to Tag Me with That One.

Earn It!

Oh, and How Much is 50% of Zero?

Thunder Boomers Coming.

I Hear Them so it's Going to Rain.

The News is so Odd, I walked by with the TV on and listened to the Doctor Who Treated the Boy that was Bitten and I thought he said He would need extensive Surgery on His Hands, but I counted Ten fingers.

I'm Glad he is Alive and I Hope He Get's on his Foot as Fast as He Can.
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