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Not Dead Yet.
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Jun. 22nd, 2005 @ 07:44 am The SysOp Running that BBS is an Alien!
Every Morning My Thoughts Fly Around a Fight of Ideas.

Kind of Like a Lotto Machine, Hard to Say Which will Make it to the Top.

BigTop With Transparent Living Canvas? A Mental Circus? Nick Perry?

I Read a lot of Analog Magazine when I was a Kid.

Tell me an Interesting FACT asks the Terminal, The More Interesting, The Higher the Reward.

I need to Find that Story.

It's a Classic.

A LichenLess Power Ball Rolling.
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Date:June 22nd, 2005 04:38 pm (UTC)
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how wild - I vaguely remember Analog magazine, but when I was small, I thought it was too hard to understand and mostly for grown-up boys. I haven't read too much SF though. Are short stories what you like best? Or is there like a classic novel you remember loving?
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Date:June 22nd, 2005 04:49 pm (UTC)

I like Short Stories More I Suppose

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But Dune and Tolkien and All the Many Oz Books.

Are you Holding On? Lot's of Here activity at this Itty Bitty Airport.

Date:June 22nd, 2005 06:28 pm (UTC)

Re: I like Short Stories More I Suppose

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yeah I think so. are U holding on?!

I wonder if that airport is aware of how strange the activity looks to the regular folks...

I wonder if I try reading Dune or LOTR after I finish this mystery book...

I wonder if i wander...
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Date:June 22nd, 2005 06:40 pm (UTC)

I am Very Calm

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It's all Together Here.

I'm going for a Swim and so as not to Waste Time I am going to Clean the Pool While I'm in It.

More Power!

LOL, I hooked an 8 hp Trash pump up to the Pool Vacuum with Duct Tape. It Has so much suction even with me Bleeding Off the Bulk of It, that the Vacuum Head Won't Actually move from Whatever it Sticks To.

I'm Gonna Have to Go Underwater with just the Vacuum Hose and Chase Down the Rest of the Leaves.

That Really Sucks Doesn't It?

More Power? 2U

Date:June 22nd, 2005 07:06 pm (UTC)

Re: I am Very Calm

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Yeah! that does SUCK! woo hoo!
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Date:June 22nd, 2005 07:58 pm (UTC)

I think I Lost a Sock in It.

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Hahhahaha, it's an industrial pump though, if it doesn't get shredded I can get it out.

I really wish I had thought to wait to Shock the Pool Until I was Done Playing FrogMan.

My Eyes are Burning LOL.

The wife will think I spent the Day in a Bar Somewhere!