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Jun. 21st, 2005 @ 05:58 pm The Longest Day of the Year?
LOL, well for most people I suppose it is, but mine I am Sure was a few weeks ago after Da Plane, Da Plane Appeared and Vanished just like the Big Big Press Conference about the Biggest Thing Ever to Happen to DeFuniak Springs in the Hanger with the People involved with Da Plane, Da Plane that Vanished in the DeeeeeeeeeLux Shuttle Buss with Those Smokey Windows and I Waved.

The House is sort of Clean, I'm Working on the Pool. They called for Rain but I Watered the Grass. Tommorrow if I remember I am Gonna cut some of that firewood piled up by the back door.

I'll Cover the Point to the State plus the other parties involved cause that's Fair,

I love to Build.

I love Parks!

The One thing I was Sure I could do was the Pilot Club.

Thank You So Much.
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