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Not Dead Yet.
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Jun. 16th, 2005 @ 07:43 am Skippy!
Where did That Come From?

Skippy? Skipper? Scrapper?

Skip to THE Loo?

I'd hate to be described with that Name.

How Could YOU tell the Team?

Damn You're Skippy! Go Team! Is it a Good Thing to be Skippy?

Damn Your Skippy! Go Team? Is it a Good Thing to be A Skippy?

Damn YOU Skippy! Which Team is Shouting That?

Imagine a Protest.

One Side is Pro.

Damn! You're Skippy!


Damn you SKIPPY! It's all your Fault!

So, ONE? side screams Damn You Skippy
while the OTHER? Cheers, Damn You're Skippy!

That would be a big Problem if You Didn't Hear as Well as You Thought.

Imagine a Little Kid, Naive but wants to KNOW Why?

Walks up to One Side. Tugs on a Shirt Sleave.

You could save some words. Get Twice the Word out Since it would Take Half as Long to Enunciate. Your!

Same thing to the OTHER side, You're!

Both Sides Fight the Fight for the Musical Spot on the Group W Bench.

Your! You're! Your! You're and On and On and On.

The Kid Looks and Thinks. Are they Saying Our Oar?

The Kid goes Back and Asks.

Our? Oar?

Somehow Both Sides Only Hear Oar, and The Sides Go Back at it with that One True Vengence!

Oar! Oar! Oar!~

Over and Over and Over!

The Kid Comes Back a Third Time.

You Oar All in The Same Boat and Look at that Wake.

If You want to Find that Kid, He's in the Back, The Six, Water-Skying Behind that Big Big Boat.

A Wing a Prayer and a Smile.

The End?

And We Shall ALL Laugh and Laugh and Laugh!

No Worries Here.

Come and Get Me!

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