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Jun. 14th, 2005 @ 01:09 pm Have You Ever Sat and Wondered?

How did things get to be that way?

How'd that get so Good or so Wrong?

Every wonder why when you Register to VOTE, they ask you ahead of time who you are going to VOTE for? I mean sure, Just because You Register Republican, doesn't mean you can't VOTE for a Democrat.

I have. How Odd?

Doesn't it seem odd that You cannot put 100 people together and expect them to agree on anything, but somehow we are Expected to Believe that the Entire Country can be divided into Two Large Groups and Each Side is Yelling Go Team Go?

Anyone ever hear of a Bell Curve? That actually should Ring a Bell if You've ever been a Student.

If You are a Teacher, and Engaged in Enlightning our Children on the Science of Statistics, wouldn't that make a good survey for a Study? 250 Questions with a Big Big Sample.

Speaking of that, but not related, please help a Student with Her Grad Work.

The Reason for The NEED to declare a Party is Obvious I Think, Just My Opinion.

It greatly Simplifies the Fund Raising and Even More Importantly, it lets them Plan a Stragedy.

Why Worry about a few little Counties or States when If you just Concentrate on those Few Big Ones, the Little Ones Won't Really Matter.

Who Cares if they Go Either Way?

The Defense of that is the Primaries.

A Republican Absolutely Must Decide the Republican Candidate!
A Democrat Absolutely Must Decide the Democrat Candidate!

Anything Else Wouldn't Be Fair! Go Team!

What chance would they have to get each Parties Most Extreme Front Man or Woman Elected, and the Most Extreme is the Most Important Cause it's Go Team Go!

I'd rather be able to VOTE for Someone that Shared most of my Views, or VOTE Against Someone that was so Extreme it Scared me Thinking of Them in Charge.

Candidates would suddenly need to come from Middle of that Bell Curve, Just Like the Rest of USA!

Those Other Special Three Words...

One Nation Undivided.
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