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Not Dead Yet.
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May. 19th, 2005 @ 08:55 am What the Deaf Man Heard
In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is King, but King's can have tunnel vision.

So tired. I'm Jetlagged without a Jet.

5 am I was outside, smoking, I should quit, quitting is not always bad. Time change, sun is up, Paper Person went zooming by, great left hook but no gadgets.

In the Light, we will find the road. Oz has many roads, ask Tick Tock, the yellow one gets all the press, but it led to the guy behind a cutain. Smoke and Mirrors. High Roads Low Roads and Side Roads. Choose well Grasshopper. Cookie Crumbs leave a trail, but they can be swept away in a mild breeze. The stats are normal, someone threw a switch, but I still feel the storm. I'm back on schedule, to be sure those I tend for are safe. I don't build with Straw, that's for the Scarecrow.

Without a map, it's all Instinct.

Bat21 had a Map, Golf Courses in his head. Call signs are awarded, not chosen. Mine was Psycho, how Prophetic.

I have no map. Restless may have been a better word than Unhappy.

So out of Sync here I forgot Lost and Alias was on. No Tivo.

Any Flares on the Island? Easy enough to make at home, Sugar Sulfur and Potassium Permanganate, Add some Cupric for St Patty. Powder some Al into it, mix it right, watch it burn under water. Smoky Bubbles.

It might be hard to make a flare on an Island though. If you have any, save them for when someone is looking.

Be smart.

Springing into Summer here, My Time.

I feel Alive this time of year. The phone's off the hook, I'm powering down.

Time to Work.
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Date:May 19th, 2005 05:53 pm (UTC)
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gee. you are really beginning to sound like a poet to me.
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Date:May 19th, 2005 09:30 pm (UTC)

LOL, Me a Poet?

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I just think too much.

My trouble with finding the right word has made me think about thinking. I mean you think about something, and it seems that you think in words, but thoughts aren't words. Thoughts have so many levels, but haven't you ever just looked at something and had a complex thought form faster than you could read it from a paper if it was written in front of you?

Hahhahaha Yeah too much thinking, I need to get back to work.

Doctor Who had his Zero Room. I guess meditating is about as close to not thinking as you can come while conscious.

When I finish this house I was going to try and build a T.A.R.D.I.S. as an armoure or something.

I'm Ok, just worn out. I need to get caught up on my sleep, it's a vicious cycle.
Date:May 19th, 2005 10:18 pm (UTC)

Re: LOL, Me a Poet?

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that's what I mean I guess. your posts are more meditative when you are busy? and even if you feel scrambled you making some kind of profound sense...senseless.
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Date:May 20th, 2005 09:44 pm (UTC)

Re: Me Make Sense?

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yeah I know how you feel. but a scrambled egg is still a good egg.
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Date:May 20th, 2005 08:49 pm (UTC)

Me Make Sense?

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LOL, I think my mind wonders more when I am tired. (wanders/wonders=pun) I always have something on my mind, I think that's why I like working alone. I've built this house hundreds of times in my head. I doubt I ever looked at my drawings once I got the footers poured except to try and explain to my wife what something would like like when I finished. It's reaching the point though that I need to actually live in it, so I can take a break for a bit.

A few days sleep isn't going to change my tired.