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Not Dead Yet.
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May. 7th, 2005 @ 07:39 am Nothing but Nightmares
It's been a while since I had a real nightmare. I've had three hours sleep.

I dreamed I was telling people I quit. How Freudean.

It scared me so bad I awoke to a full blown panic attack, I thought they had subsided.

It's just stress.

The Blue Cross being so blatent about not covering my medical bills related to my spine.

There's a $100k gone.

I promised my wife I'd have this house livable by the end of summer.

There going to cut off the top of my head and move it around some more at the end of June.

Ouch. I hope they don't keep me a month again. A week I might tolerate, Eight days I'll be bouncing off the walls thinking about all the time I am letting slip by.

The find the matches left over from a meth lab, burning at the side of the road incident. The local TV here had a segment about the biggest Meth Bust yet that evening. 250k in cash, and a barn full of high tech survelliance equipment, an outdoor shower, ventalation system.

Sounds like something I would cook up, LOL, and I stuck my hand in the bag of match books to be sure the flames wereout. Fingerprints.

They're coming to take me away! Ho Ho! LOL.

The Flickr and Rosie O'donnell thing.

That's definately stressing me out.

She's been spending at least a month promoting Flickr. Taking backstage shots with her cell phone and uploading them there. 1000's of views. I go to see and realize, Rosie or not, Flickr is just a fun place, so I register. Once I register I find groups and so naturally I go to Rosie's group. There is none. I thought it was a fluke so stupid me tries to register it, and low and behold, suddenly I have a group named Rosie on a site she is actively promoting.

Search in Groups under "Rosie" and where do you go?

Big Panic. I try to contact Flickr. Take it back! Please! LOL

They suggest I Flickr Mail her, ha!

The stresss of this is that her fans may see this as me trying to steal her group, and I can't give the thing away.

It's like a hot potatoe that no one wants to touch.

And now I start dreaming that I am telling people I Quit.

Not likely.


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Date:May 7th, 2005 06:36 pm (UTC)
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whoa, no more coffee for you!
that whole rosie/flickr thing...oddly funny. you mean there's no way to change the name or registration?
that seems ridiculous.

and what you mean take off the top of your head and move the contents around?!
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Date:May 7th, 2005 09:16 pm (UTC)

LOL, Yes move the Contents Around

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Heh, Just the very top part, I don't use that as much as the rest of my head, so it will be ok.

I'm getting tired of wearing a hat is all. Half my scalp is made from skin from my leg, the first surgery was just to keep me alive. Skin on everything is actually important.

I'm actually more worried about my neck. I can wear a hat forever, or else get used to stares, but I'm really teed at my BCBS because they most definately told me it was two years then over. I would never have wasted three days thinking before I switched if I knew they would never cover my back. I'm not stupid, I just had had lower back surgery a year before and I knew there was always a possability that might come back. To use it as an excuse for an injury so unrelated is just calous.

The Flicker thing is weird huh? Ten days I think I have been in a panic over it and with all the press attention they are getting lately, and RO putting them on the front of her page, I've been waiting for someone to accuse me of stealing it from her, LOL.

This is like some one of those kids horror stories where you;'re cursed until you give it away, but they have to ask for it first, you can't just hand it to a stranger.

What a weird year huh? My accident was the 2ist of May.

You should join that group and stick some pictures up. There is so much to look at there you can get lost. I can't imagine what will happen with Yahoo looking over them.