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Nov. 6th, 2014 @ 05:47 pm Always a Silver Lining!
Woke up this morning tired from three steady weeks of making some repairs to the exterior of the house, got the yard all established and planted rye grass in case we get some strong rains cause all the water from the street runs down the lot lines of the house. Fertilized the yard and my neighbors, made a huge step in getting the garages cleaned up and clear walkways to get to stuff, had the deep well pump replaced and found out the water in my casing rises 14 feet from the top so am adding a hand pump to it.

Need to upload more pictures of these activities to Flickr, cause if there's no photo it didn't happen, but I'm still worn out and that will have to wait till tomorrow BUT.....

I got a phone call from my best Friend's Jim's Widow's Son this morning saying he needed to sell the Suburban and wanted me to tell people and told me what he was asking.

It's a 1985 G20 4WD Silverado eighty percent restored. Jim got it mechanical restored then stripped it and redid it in two stage with a catalyst paint, in the Classic black and silver two tone. Interior needs finished, three power door locks need replaced, needs the little bits of over spray on the window molding here and there and the rubber for the wiring harness in each door but he had put a lot of time into the truck.

He also saved my life after the wreck showing up to change the various dressing I couldn't do myself twice a day, drove me to work the first week until they could get a replacement cause I was worried people would get their internet cut off since most paid in cash.

When I got gangrene and septic he drove me to P'Cola and read the surgeon that did the second half of my hospital stay over there what must have been a serious conversations cause she had me on IV antibiotics for a week to stabilize me and made arrangements for me to have a long stay at UAB.

Three hundred miles away.

Jim Drove me there, stayed with me until I was actually in a room and made sure they had his contact number and all the other information they needed about me.

Came back five and a half weeks later and picked me up.


Antique in 2015!

Best Friend Jim's 1985 3/4 ton Suburban!

1995 G20 Silverado Suburban!


New Treads and lock out hubs!
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