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Oct. 14th, 2014 @ 01:34 pm Just an observation....
Not wanting to fuel the Ebola situation since I don't have any actual facts to throw out, but the s news dejoure seems to be focused how to get in an out of a HazMat suit properly.

I admit to being a complete novice at this but I have watched demonstration after demonstration today cause the news is on when we have hurricanes and such, and everyone starts with them taking their gloves off first, which makes sense cause typically that would be the most contaminated spot, but then I see BARE SKIN!!!!

What happened to double gloving?????

CDC Please Splurge for a second pair of gloves to be put on first and taken off last while using this gear?

But what do I know?

Simple change, pre-step one, put on sterile gloves.
Step One, follow previous memo.
Step Last, (addendum), remove sterile gloves and continue as directed.

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