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Oct. 6th, 2014 @ 02:39 pm Stuff!
Current Location: Yard
Yes Honestly I have been doing many many many things at the same time and of course not completely finishing them...

Have an experienced helper that can work three months so The goal is to finish the odds and ends on the house, fix the cabin up one last time and finish the turn the roughed in office downstairs below grade into an emergency bedroom so we can relocate my wife when a hurricane gets near cause evacuating in a major system is a nightmare and once I got to wherever we were headed I could not care for her as well as we can here, so I have an exemption from the County.

I'll be making a concerted effort to document all the STUFF that I have been doing since I accidently abandoned this place hahhaha!

dern amnesia....

Finishing up the yard first cause the lot slopes so much and Florida is a pile of sand. Seems petty maybe but if I don't have a good lawn it can wash out over night in a heavy rain. It became infested with crabgrass cause I over seeded it a few years ago then foolishly used hay cause I couldn't find actual straw, to cover the new seed.

Had to kill the entire thing off in the spring to get rid of it and still have the accursed weed popping up in places but the yard is stabilized for the winter now and the centipede will fill in all the gaps next summer.

Sprinkler keeps getting run over


Get the Point?

Potted Cat!

Wuff helping out.

Manual Labor
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