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Aug. 29th, 2013 @ 05:56 pm Ouch!
Current Mood: draineddrained

Two painful trips to the Docs this week....

Almost finished with the welding on the firepit pool heater and on Monday I went down there and pick up the center box to hold the SS loop and sand, probably 120-150 pounds, and would have no trouble carrying it around, but I had lean out further than I THUNK I could set it down so when I thuck it down in the middle I misjudged my breaking point by about four inches, and fell flat on my face after something in my lumber area popped loud enough for me to hear...

Took ten minutes to get to my feet, then I reached up to the beam across the ceiling and hung from it for about thirty minutes, then slowly walked upstairs and got in the tub with the water as hot as it could get.

Thought I was OK but woke Tuesday I actually made an appointment to see my Doc cause my lumbar area was tighter than a drum skin. Got put on four things, but I've been hobbling around all week and actually got a lot done with the help of Eric welding grinding sandblasting and cleaning up the shop. I really just need to put the really heavy angle iron I have for the top of the sides edges, then cut some pipe up to make the hinge that will let you flip a top over to hold in the heat, and will double as a good sized hot plate if we get slammed by a hurricane, plus act as a roof in the rain so the fire keeps going.

Make a thirty by eight? inch "Chimney", so it will be able to burn pine, and I'm thinking I could make a smoker attachment to pop over the smoke exit into a barrel of some sorts but that not any time soon lol.

Today I went to an oral surgeon and had two molars cut free of my jaw and oddly enough it's my back that hurts more than my mouth cause it an hour drive for me one way, sitting.

I suspect tomorrow though it will be a fight between the two Pains just for bragging rights hahhaha!
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