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Aug. 2nd, 2013 @ 12:04 pm So Far So Good!
The Wood burning water heater project is coming along nicely!

Scored another piece of plate steel exactly wide enough to build the box for the coils instead of using the one eight stuff, got some more stainless pipe so I can send it to the pool without worrying about a hose exploding, plus I decided I didn't want some kid with soaking wet feet to step on the return line cause I bet it's pretty hot water, so I'm gonna lay the two lines side by side an inch from the deck, fill around them like I'm pouring concrete with expandable foam, trim it when it's dry and then pour trowel cement over it so it's like a very slow speed bump.

Gonna add a blow off valve to on both the lines in and out in case the return stops loses water and it suddenly starts pumping out steam...

I think I'm gonna head up to the tree farm and bring home two loads of concrete block for the shower, fill them with concrete and either a plate steel or concrete roof that will stand up to a good storm, cause I'll need to run the shower hot water into a holding tank, and have a valve and second programmable temp switch I can put the sensor going on the pipe headed into the pipe, and use the sensor to open the valve hooked to cold water to "dilute" it down to one twenty maybe so no one gets in their and shuts the cold water off and suddenly is scalded like a lobster.

Stuff to do but I'll upload some pics and add them to this post later tonight....

If I remember LOL!
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