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Not Dead Yet.
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Jun. 27th, 2013 @ 02:03 pm Busy Busy Busy!
I've been off up on the tree farm cleaning up all the mess the last tenant left me, working on the yard, cleaning the stupid pool which I haven't been in yet but it has gotten some use from the grandkids, and my wife's main Caregiver with a big Capitol C, lined my now two helpers up with some work of their own working for some neighbors, so Alex and his brother Eric have gotten their foot in the door pretty well.

I remember being young and loving being self employed, working every day, long hours...

I'm older now LOL. Everything creeps along but at a snail's pace.

Not sure if I'm gonna redo the cabin or not. It would take me a month at least and I'd need to collect eight months rent to break even so not being where I can keep an eye on it I could be in the same boat a year from now. If I knew a single person I trusted that needed a place I'd do it if they were likely to stay a few years, but I really think I am gonna just clean it up and take the door handle off so if someone does decide to break in they don't need to smash my windows to do it /.

Shots from the last time I redid it just before the last tenant moved in... http://www.flickr.com/photos/senseless_/tags/cabin/show/

For the same amount of money and time, I could turn the office down stairs into a below grade emergency bedroom to relocate the wife for a Cat four or five storm, and I think I have enough left overs from the big nightmare of endless remodeling of the other rentals back in 2012...

Thought I'd get back to You Tube, and video tape the process. Everyone is on me to finish The Top Secret Bunker!

LOL, but I just down have a way to get a wheel chair down there without having to blindfold my wife and say "Trust Me!" hahhaha.

She get's claustrophobia which is why the real bunker, the shaft was just a test to looks at the soils and find the water table, is meant to appear to be a small apartment on the beach from inside. Finished walls with fake windows, beach photos behind the glass and curtains, tile floor, real furniture and maybe seven hundred square feet. If I can start off from scratch again using the office into a safe bedroom for emergencies as a stepping stone, and get my subscribers back, maybe I can turn it into a Reality Show hahhahahhah!

Baby Steps....

That's how all this began.

Future Emergency Bedroom
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