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May. 16th, 2013 @ 06:02 pm Wrapping things Up....
Got the risers to the lids of the septic tank finished which will save me a lotta digging if I ever need to get the tank pumped again.

I'll make proper lids over the weekend instead of the temporary ones that are there to keep dirt from falling inside, and I'm gonna end up with enough extra to finish putting a layer over the rest of the bare spots and plant the Centipede seed that I finally found yesterday while getting all the parts for the Jaguar together.

It was finally hauled outta here this morning!

I can actually walk around down there without tripping over the thing and even park the truck inside if I feel inclined to do so....

I'm gonna plant the grass seed this weekend while it's all raked loose cause the rain seems to be avoiding me, but it's halfway through May already and I want it to have a long time to grow before next winter.

Risors Completed!
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