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May. 15th, 2013 @ 12:18 pm Plan Ahead!
Mary loves roses but I'm really cheap when it comes to somethings...

I don't even drink Mogen David!

My Grandfather, Daddy Doc used to grow them, especially the climbing variety which is why I wanted the new fence to be covered with them.

Natures Barbed Wire!

Half the ones I had in the original Rose Garden I promised Mary long long ago were accendently of the climbing variety and spread all over. I seporated them last winter and put the climbing ones around back to add to the fence, except for two I just found hiding in the collection of bush types in Terra Cota pots that I'll move today since I've got not one but Two helpers, Alex and his brother that's visiting.

Gonna redo the rose garden with a slab of white pavers leved out real well and the seams filed with pour portland cement broomed into the grass and dusted with the hose, and the entire proccess repeated every day and I'll completely solve the cutting the grass around the pots problem ninety percent of the way. The weeds being weeds will still find crevices in the cracks but round up will fix that.

Plucked this one for Mary to wake up to and didn't spend a dime! ;o)

Jags leaving tommorrow AM so I gave Alex a long long list so it is a smooth exchange LOL.

Just in and out and gone! Major headache for the past decade out of hair, what's left of it!

Back to work!

I'm Cheap!
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Date:May 15th, 2013 05:38 pm (UTC)
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Googling (Senseless, Plan, Ahead) popped up as first hit and second hit in four and a half minutes, logged into Google under the account I made for Mary, brand new, totally blank, no long browsing history to steer the traffic with the coveted Algorythum!

That used to mean something hahhaha!