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May. 12th, 2013 @ 09:40 am Hidden in Plain Sight!
I do it all the time without smoke and mirrors but I completely outdid myself last year when I bought the Centipede seed to replant the yard.

I made a point of putting sixed pounds of the sand sized, thirty bucks a pound, apparently made of Gold, in an "Never would fergit" spot.

It's gotta be in the bottom garage or workshop or office where I stored my bike I've had since I was twenty and will become the future summers project of turning that space into an Emergency relocate my wife bedroom if it is gonna be a really really bad Hurricane.

I spent a good six hours sorting shelves and digging though storage bins yesterday, and being that I got all six pounds for the cost of one cause it was too late to plant it and technically it's shelf life would expire. You can store seeds for ages though if you do it right. I saw the jars sometime around Christmas I seem to recall, and hope to heck I didn't decide to put it in the computer room which only has a path through it and piles of computer parts I kept after thinned out all the 56k modems and archaic things I had left over since the wreck and had the litte ISP in town.

I've already put a lotta effort into this regrade the yard so having to buy seed I hadn't budgeted for irks me, and I know as I do and plant it, I'll find the old seed hahhaha!

I have to plant soon so I can also put out rye grass that will grow fast but die off in six weeks from the heat. Instant hay though cause to germinate Centipeded you need to water it for thirty days just to get it to sprout, and the rye shades the ground so it doesn't dry up every day by noon plus holds the sand in place long enough for the Centipede to take it's place, weed free since the straw I could get here and spread out over it to keep the ground moist is full of stuff I don't want growing in the yard after spending months kiling off everything.

Also raising all the sprinkler heads, putting a four inch length of pipe around them then pouring concrete squares even with the grade, and the heads half inch below so they might survive being driven over...

I made the driveway two cars wide at it's narrowest but I replace at least two every year because in the South people love to park in the grass! ;o)

I found a roll of UV cable while searching for the seeds and I'm half way considering putting lights along the drive every where a sprinkler is!

Redoing the Spriklers whil I'm at it!
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