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May. 3rd, 2013 @ 02:51 pm I'm Dumbfounded~
Still wheelbarrowing sand to low spots in the front yard and building berms to direct the rainwater from the road to the back yard without flooding my drainfield again.

The other side of the yard I didn't even touch yet, a good seven more yards, except I fixed the ten inch deep ruts from the dump wheels.

Worked out well cause I really wanted to spread out the areas I collected the street water, and it's just sand up here so I set two hoses running fast enough to totally flood the place for hald a day but not start running out of control down hill. Took the jet sprayer then and just shot the sand out from under the grass that was doing well and it washed the sand out into the craters and after an hour or so of spraying all the sand was decompressed, the roots of the grass were pretty much undisturbed, and I had ten feet of additional run off fotage. Just let it dry out to settle and then smoothed it flat with loose new sand.

Should grow right back in!

What I can't understand about this entire situation is why am I so tired shovlin up hill for four hours when the other day Alex and I spent a good seven hours of me watchin him shovelin while I did this and that, like fixing the ruts by the road, and felt great at the end of the day?

And why am I getting offers for Prepaid Funerals now?

Still Wheelbarrowin and Rakin!
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Date:May 13th, 2013 02:50 pm (UTC)
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AARP came after me when I turned 17, by the time I turned 20 I was getting those urgent life insurance at outrageous rate messages. I think someone thinks I am a senior citizen. Fortunately I have not gotten any of the funeral arrangement stuff.
It should look great once the grass grows back, grass seems to do pretty well on sand with a layer of topsoil.
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Date:May 13th, 2013 04:28 pm (UTC)
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AARP got me when I was 45 LOL.

Yeah the trick to growing new grass is to have very loose soil. We had the house next door which has a huge back yard. Right after I did the final lot clearing I grade the back half of the lot sine it would be getting driven over and supplies dumpe on it, planted two pounds of Centipede and within two summers it was mostly grass.

I burnt off the bulk of the thatch but will go over a few more spots. I have a few yards still dumped on the lot next door a hundred feet of wheel barrowing away to get a thin layer after that which will be enough to germinate the seed but I put a foot over the low spot over the drain field and got a good two inches on most spots so if I could find the dern seed I'd be set since I put in the sprinkler system.

Ponderin a system to inject soap from time to time from under the house where the supply line is. Put a big filter on it so I could trap sediment from the well and it has a quart sized clear catch basin I was thinking if I added a second with a valve before it, I could take off the base, fill it with soap and adjust the amount sent to the sprinkler system so that by the time all six zones ran the soap would get used up. If you've got a liquid sparyer that attaches to a hose and get mole crickets, the cheapest way to save your yard it to pick up a big jug of whatever laundry detergent is cheapest, and spray the yard real well.

If anyone does something like that make sure you have a checkvalve, which I do, so whatever you spray your yard with doesn't contaminate the drinkin water...

I've been slackin for the last couple days so I still have a ways to go then need a good soaking to settle it all. The weather people keep saying we are in for alot of rain but I keep catching the tail end of it and didn't even have enough collect on the pool cover to pump off.
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Date:May 13th, 2013 04:33 pm (UTC)
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The reference to Centipede seed is I have lost sx pounds of it somewhere in the house or garages LOL

$30 a pound, but last fall after it was too late to plant I picked up the last of what wa on teh shelf for the price of a pound cause the expiration date would expire this spring, but I know how to store seeds...

Just Remember, I Forget! LOL

Spent days looking for them and that is enough seed to plant at more than twice the rate....