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Apr. 30th, 2013 @ 01:21 pm Weeds!
LOL, If these were in the yard I'd have killed them by now.

I tried to grow a climbing rose there but it doesn't get enough sun and passed on, except Debbie seems to think she'll eventually get a four leaf looks like clover but isn't, "Lucky Charm"...

I think I'm gonna spend a dollar on some kind of flower seeds and tell her she could plant them there if she wants hahhahaha!

Still waiting on the dirt but the bottom level is pretty close to being able to get rid of the Jag. I need to find out what they are gonna load the engine on cause if it's a trailer I need to get my engine hoist refitted with new wheels and the ram I got long ago.

I actually know where the ram is! I was gonna make an extremely manual log splitter out of it but thought it out and it would have taken longer to make one split than to bust it all up with a maul, so chance favoring the prepared mind, other than possibly needing to move the mounts on the post a bit I have the one part I was lacking from 20 years plus ago to put it back together. The original ended up getting stolen when I moved from Pennsacola out here originally to the farm in Mossey Head. Rented a big 100 year old farm house for next to nothing after I met my new neighbors while camping out and clearing some space, making a dog pen, and building a shed to save a $2500 service pole hooked to nothing, or hooking it to any kind of structure making it free.

Once the shed had power I looked at the thing and decided to make it bigger and a cabin to live in while I went to West Florida for math or something except thinking real hard i was in RN school working at Baptist.

I am seriously tangental. The point about the house was I had a living room packed with bodyshop tools so losing the ram wasn't the end of the world cause it was hard work, and why I strayed from cultivating Weeds to when I fist bought the farm hahhaha!

Sorry! I'll get better I promise!

(I admit to scanning the pedals for a four leafer but that's really so I can yank it, then get rid of the rest LOL.)

Decptive Weeds!
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