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Apr. 26th, 2013 @ 09:32 am Told Ya!
The drain field still is three inches too high to reconnect it to the tank but we've been taking it easy washing clothes so fortunately the second chamber is still empty LOL.

Gonna be a nice day so hoping it trickles down enough I can reconnect it all tonight. I'll work on the forms for the risers though so that will keep me busy.

Was also pondering getting a couple more fittings and running compressed air into the drain field with all the compressors running. I have airlines plumbed into the house with connections on every floor, even the attic and I'm betting with all of them running I could add a regulator before I hit the pipe and keep twenty PSI on it all day. Not sure if that would be enough but it seems air being forced into the ground would drag some moisture along with it so I might give it a try...

Gonna also if I get time sand blast my engine hoist, then weld new casters on it. I've had a new jack to fit it for three years now haahha. I procrastinate and always have too many things going on at the same time still.

It's a Curse. OCD Cubed.

Seven Hundred pound rated greaseable casters...

In steel!

700 Pound Casters
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