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Not Dead Yet.
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Apr. 25th, 2013 @ 04:54 pm I'm Back!
/me Doesn't even hear a pin drop let alone anyone shufflin in thier seats...

I've been using FaceBook as a blog and dunno why cause I mostly write so I can look back on a day and see what I did. This though is really where I should be writing this stuff so I'm changing my habits.

I can't remember when I did things but I do Remember doing them, and I actually printed out the first couple years of my LJ after bonkin my head and look back sometimes and just laugh at the puzzles I used to be able to just dream up mixing words and metaphores.

Often Clear headed now though so I doubt the riddles will ever be back LOL, and my posts will likely be as rambling and boring as what follows...

Septic Solutions!

A Pun!

I've been in the process of more or less killing off 90% of the grass in the front yard because it had been taken over by crab grass. Timed it so the Centipede was still dormant and spots are starting to turn green so that's a head start on reseeding it. Burned off the yard to to save me from having to thatch it, and that actually stimulates Centipede into sending runners out and start spreading really well, probably cause it is a natural grass here, the entire 2 acres at the trailer is wild centipede and by burning it for a few years long ago it used to have an excellent lawn till the tenent before Eddie lived there and didn't cut the yard so it got over grown with weeds.

Eddies got a riding mower and a Grandson LOL! I'm a firm believer in child labor, but the trick is to make it fun and teach them something at the same time...

My Dad had me helping pour concrete drives when the neighborhood was brand new and the neighbors got together and poured everyones drive in a team effort for a summer or two. I started doing the edging but was using a float after my internship, and getting paid to push wheel barrows, steel ones, to do patios and such where the truck couldn't reach when I was ten hahhaha!

My Dad's got a PhD in Electrical Engineering and has his name on a slew of patents but he can do pretty much anything so he started me on woodworking at four making the Family kitchen table and a desk that was always in my room growing up but he commondered for his home office. By the time I was ten I was allowed to use the table saw by myself if I called him at work and asked permission first...

Lost Again! LOL

The Septic Tank...

Since the grass over the drain field was no more, and we've had some serious rains lately, the water that normally gets stopped by the grass perked down and saturated the ground so bad it backfilled the tank. The tanks way lower than normal, the Health Department cut me some slack cause the ground perks so well and I would have practiacally had to grade a cliff in the front yard to have it close enough to the surface by grading right in front of the house flat, then suddennly right up to the road. I also had graded it as a shallow basin to collect rain water since I didn't have a sprinkler system until a year or two ago, can't remember!

It took two full days for the drain field to empty after the tank was pumped. After it stopped trickling out, since I had the opportunity I took the piping to the drain field and ran it up above the ground so I could pump in root killer in an ingenious manner!

The granuals are slow to disolve, and my drain field is huge so I needed to be sure it didn't just clump up at the beginning but get dissolved completely to cover the entire field, not just inside the pipes themselves. I took a water pump meant to suck up spills on concrete or tile, meaning it's practically flush to the ground, got some fittings so I could put a soft plastic tube on it instead of a hose, stuck it in a garbage can, dumped the pellets around it, set the hose to fill the can pretty close to what the pump took out, and in 30 minutes I had completely dissolved the pellets and sent the liquid into the drain field. Then I stuck the hose on full and pumped enough water back into the drain field until I had it coming up the green pipe about two feet higher than the tank. Should take a day to soak into the ground around the pipes so tommorrow I can connect it as it's meant to be.

Have a load of what passes for dirt around here, 20 yards of it, being delivered Saturday so I can turn the basin into a Molehill. That will direct the rain water to the drive which is actually an aqueduct self cleaning system that empties into the dog pen, cleaning the top half of that pen to, or else to the grass aqueduct on the side yard.

It will be dumped about 20 feet from where I need most of it, and the furthest I'll have to wheel barrow the rest to spread all over the yard is 70 feet and uphill just a wee bit...

I've been thinking I need to post to my blog cause I start talkin and can't stop LOL.

I wasn't like that before the wreck, I kept to myself, but these ramblings are far too long for FB I'm thinking so I'll be mostly over here...


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