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Feb. 25th, 2013 @ 01:02 pm I'll be Right back!
Hah! Promise!

Almost caught up with a few serious nightmares that landed on my shoulders near the last half of last year but as soon as I get the house in town rented I can get back to posting things.

Been tweaking my network to relax. Got a pro bono year of ultra high speed after spending some time with thier single person at the time the M-Card networked tv tuners I have that save me twenty bucks a month since it's like six bucks for two cards versus twenty eight for two boxes that I never used anyways.

I collect Shuttle PC's, http://us.shuttle.com/ Have a slew with near perfect cases, two in vintage polished alunimum, wiped the drives, put win7 ultimate on them, dissabled just about every service that I would never use from these pc's except to get online with a browser, and start WMC automatically. Two dual band servers cascaded, static IP's and a dedicated wired link between the two. Four 450 mbs wireless connections bridged together and have the load on all the wireless devices in the house balanced out pretty well.

Even used a wireless USB hub to install a NeatDesk to a three tera external drive cause it works great but builds huge files and shortly would take over the ProBook.

Not supposed to work on a network and definately since they are pushing a cloud service for a monthly fee they were pretty adimant ad also they insisted it had to save all the data to the C drive, external drives would only work as back up...

I didn't see any real reason for it not to work, in the old days I used to install all my programs on a second drive with windows in it's own small drive so I could reinstall windows every other month, cause its Windows, and rebuild a few short cuts and all my stuff was "installed and backed up".

Use a regular usb hub and wired cable to install the software, had the drive on the same hub, installed it on the external drive by duplicating the path all the way up, just changed drive letter. Shut down completely and restarted. Opened the program then went through the check for updates, went through the same process of switching drives to install them on the exteernal drive instead of common files which I had duplicated completely on the external drive since I had no way of knowing which windows file it might use. Switched to the wireless hub, set it to only come on when I want it, I click a couple buttons and the drive and Neatdesk pop online for me to use, it's working fine but I just got it and not caught up on really how to use it properly, but it saves everything off of the laptop, and the connection to it and the laptop is dedicated so I'm not breaking any rules making it work the way they said it definately wouldn't!


Anyways the stripped down Shuttles actually run WMC pretty well meaning I have one in place of a TV, and the monitor in the Caregivers room is a TV as well, but justs gets the bottom QAM.

Wireless keyboard and remote is your clicker, plus the TV / Monitor has a remote. The one in the Guest suit has a thirty four inch screen, and by putting everything wireless on it's own channel, anyone can watch HD while the person in the room next door is playing YouTube favorites on shuffle...

Sort of like being able to flush the toilet while someing is taking a shower and not hearing a screen.

Another plus is I used twelve Terabytes to build a RAID5 NAs that is bottomless, and although with the exception Of Doctor Who I seldom watch TV, I've been building up a library of movies by keeping a list with a pen on the island and if anyone thinks of a movie they jot it down and I set it up to record if it is every broadcast, so automatically I am slowly building up a library for guests.

I needed to blow off some steam hahahha!


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Date:March 4th, 2013 03:47 am (UTC)
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It is good to see you back. I love a good home networking post, get to see what other people are doing and how they are doing it. (Might learn a thing or two). I had a shuttle once, old beat up thing that I picked up at a garage sale or something but it sure was convenient, it and two small form factor towers fit in the same space as a normal tower. I am thinking seriously about canceling the cable I hardly watch anymore and just getting both hulu and netflix subscriptions and saving a ton of money.
I never knew you liked Dr. Who, that's awesome, though I have to ask, are you a fan of ALL of the seasons or just the last few (Eccelston, Tennant, and Smith).


P.S. Those down and up speeds are beautiful, I get about 12 Mbps on a good day.
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Date:March 4th, 2013 10:44 am (UTC)
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I pegged 68 mbs downstream the other day and can transfer a gig of data in 2 minutes over the wireless...

I've watched Doctor Who starting with the first Doctor, The crotchity old dude in the tux hahhah!

Built a RAID5 using four, three terabyte Barracuda's. i think it took half a day to format it LOL