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Jul. 4th, 2012 @ 10:22 am Change in Plans...
The guy that was to buy the power, power chair lift seems to have dissapeared so I am guessing he either found a cheaper one or changed his mind so I canceled the order I had made for two pallets of concrete, a couple hundred feet of three inch sch40 and thinwall and all the wood cause I just have too many unfinished things started, and I'm gonna wait till the fall or winter to finish it.

I don't have any choice about finishing it at this point, I guarentee it will sit there a good long time but there will come a day the house gets sold or left to someone and in general I am guessing that would be a detractor to any potential buyers LOL.

I'm gonna finish the pool house up cause that makes sense, the pool is actually getting used so a full bathroom and changing room would be handy. When we cleaned out the crawlspace to get the forty foot ladder I would really like to trade even up for a thirty four, we pull all the soffet out and I was gonna use it for the over hang around the pool house, but instead I picked up enough BC plywood to do the walls of the poolshouse and the soffet around it, cause it's cheaper or one and also will make it stronger, but the pool house will still likely be torn up in a hurricane cause the oversized eaves are just a big sail and I didn't build it as well as the house.

I actually have enough fittings and pipes, a hacksaw and unopened cans of cement in my hurricane corner so that if we do get a realy bad storm I can replumb the well and just run it free cause the tank would likely be gone so I wouldn't go long without drinkable water.

I just paused and remembered we also pulled out a pile of all thread and I know I have couplers so since the inside is exposed Maybe I can tie down the roof a little better while I'm at it.

I also have to replace a faceboard on the house and for some reason I never put the soffet up at the far end of the deck, it's like a foot wide and ten feet long and I haven't a clue why I wouldn't have spent thirty minutes to finish it at the time, or even when that time was hahhaha!

I also need to get next door and cut down some trees the owner said I could, particularily one Oak that's dying and could tag my front garage.

Plus I want the fire wood! But they just put it up for sale and it's not likely to sell, and hopefuly if it does he gives me a birddog for the five years I kept it from gettin over grown after Jim and I cleared it.

I really hope I put the fence on my side of the property line cause I really don't want to move the thing, but it would take away all the noise from the highway to have a house on the other side of me, and I guarrentee anyone that pays what they are asking for the thing is gonna want a sea wall and dock, which would pay for the materials to extend my sea wall further out and in a straight line to fence it and keep the gators out!

Actually for some reason the grass grows really well back there probably cause it has less trees on the western side where the pool is and geez I am osting about not starting another project cause I have too many started and I am dreaming of a second one and and and.

Ignore all that up there hahahhah.

Back to reality and working on the pool house!

Ok then...
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Date:July 5th, 2012 09:54 pm (UTC)
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Wow, I had not seen the pool house yet, every time you build something I am amazed at your skill. I am not sure about the Florida real estate market but around here a storm shelter "adds" value to a home, especially a well built one. After your last post I am now fairly sure that you could build anything with access to a hardware store.
Hope you had a good 4th