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Jun. 30th, 2012 @ 10:25 am Redid the Slurry Pumper
Gonna finish the walls of the tornado shelter I hopefully foolishly built but will never need...

I think it was Katrina that got me and I was still pretty out there from the wreck LOL, but I need to concrete the walls in the cave and put a smooth finish on these walls and build stairs in case something happens to me and Mary is stuck trying to explain it to someone while selling the house hahahhah.

"Well see, my Husband was Bonkers?"

I had a thought though that it actually could easily be transformed into a wine celler If I just framed it permanently and poured concrete between the clay and it. It would take six months to totally dry out I bet, but I could then paint it and add some racks and shelves and a bench and it would be a wine and root celler, plus a tornado shelter for eight comfortably, twelve or more if piled on top of each other...

Besides it's fun!

More of a winter project like installing the two humongous attic exhaust fans I meant to put in last December.

Gonna get a good workout next week LOL, three tons worth.

The pipes are for pumping sand and clay out from under the house.

The bottom sideways pipe lets the big pipe suck water from the emergency well to dilute the slurry, and I have one eight horsepower trash pump that pumps water uphill from the lake into the pit and into the top horizontal pipe which is where the check valve is so it keeps it shaken the slurry passes by easy. If the pit runs dry and the pump tries to suck air the valve drops and the water is forced up, back to the second pump with a bleeder valve that lets the air out until the second pump gets enough of a prime to pump, the check valve rises and it start again and again as you shovel clay into the pit.

I can shoot it from the second pump about three hundred feet as long as it's either level or down hill and it will move a yard of sand in about five minutes easy.

I really think I'll try again to talk my neighbor into building a sea wall so I can have an excuse to extend mine and do a boat launch, then I can fill behind mine with clay from under the house, and just get a load of sand to cover it with after it settles and extend the yard a bit...

Redid the Slurry Pumper
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