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Jun. 28th, 2012 @ 10:42 am Hurricane Stuff!
Since I'm getting ready to get a couple more pallets of concrete mix, but probably in sixty pound sacks instead of eighty so I don't ruin my back carrying them down to finish concreting the walls of the tornado shelter...

I'm have a guy that is a friend of a friend and is scheduled to have his leg amputated probably because of diabets, and I made him a good deal on the power handicap lift that we used on the Rendezvous before I got the van, enough that when he at first countered I said anything less I'd put it on my van that he was looking over. I'd need to find a place to keep my spare tire though, which reminds me maybe I should finish the van by putting the bracket that holds the spare back on LOL.

I made a point to remember to save the wiring harness, and this has a swing away so you can pull a pin and it swings out when it doesn't have a chair on it, and he'll be able to open the tailgate on his truck, plus I have the anchor system, although I might have welded the plate and pin for under the power chair on, but you just drive straight on and it is like the tongue on a semi and clicks and it's locked in place, so you don't need to spend time tying it down, and it is much more securely fastened.

I don't really need it with the van although I had a fair bottom line, that or I keep it, cause I could have taken short trips with Mary lying / sitting in the back seat with the cushion that turns the back seat into a bed and the crane I made, and put her chair on the rack. He still is saving a bundle cause medi whatever doesn't cover the cost of a way to take a wheel or power chair with you, but they will get him a new power chair.

I'm gonna make a point of having the garages closed up when he gets it next month LOL. I'm not a business anymore but he'd look in there and try to get me to install it and if I knew him a while I would but not beiing well aquainted and no longer having a business with insurance I'm gonna send him to a friend of mine that sells bikes, Crazy Carl!, hahhahah, but is covered if some freak incident ends up in a lawsuit.

Sad world you when you gotta draw the line on helping someone somedays cause it could come back and haunt ya...

Chances are if he asks I'll end up doin it if he sees the doors open after thinking a moment knowing me.

(I hope he never reads this!)

Anyways the whole point of this was I almost have the Slurry Pumping Device, SPD, reworked, and once I concrete the walls of the cave I'll be able to fill it seven feet easy with water and experiment again with carving out the shelter with a firehose. Got the well in the tornado hole set up pretty spiffy by adding a tank to it, added a spicket in the pit, and it's putting out about nine gallons a minute with just a half horse pump so I need to add it to the generater circuit. It's connected to two toilets using check brass check valves since I consider it grey water even though it tested fine, but with the preassure set lower than the preassure on the big well, when ever we lose the water in the pipes of the house, the emergecny well kicks in and refills the toilet. This let's me run the big generater at eight and fifty thousnad kilowatts, and I have a second generater than I start to recharge the house, which has eighty gallons of reserved drinking water, in a few minutes, or leave it on if I need a shower or washing clothes or whatever so I am pretty well set for a good week to ten days just by filling up both tanks in my truck and the van, and they are old enough I can siphon the tanks whenever I need more. I don't end up with fifty gallons of gas cans that's I need to use up.

I do have fifty gallons of cleaned cause I checked, gas cans.

Gas Plastics? Jugs? (Insert Keyword here!)

Anyways, I'm gonna box in the walls with treated plywood facing out and pour concrete behind them so I can come back later after it's dried out build some shlelves and a bench. I'll pour the floor to hold the bottom of the wall from kicking in after they get poured, and slope it towards the SMD so if we get rained on I can use a sump pump to send it into a drain I'll end up with about two feet above the floor. I'm not gonna glue the top on so I can switch it for a cap when I want to pump sand.

It will make it humid as heck down there for a few months but I had the idea I could cut a big trench with the firehose where I want temporary walls to let me dig out behind them and not have the house fall on me, and just use the trench as it's own form, which would be rough but after I dig out a good sized area around it, I can use the reusable forms I made to pour a final wall with a smooth finish and concrete the top all the way to the walls of the crawlspace.

I want to also extend the path down the middle of the crawlspace and cut over to where I can put a door in the back garage wall so I can get Mary in, and one to the room I want to turn into an emergency bedroom to.

I should write less and do more hahahhahah!


I need to Weld a Second one

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Date:July 4th, 2012 02:21 am (UTC)
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I keep looking at what the van used to look like and am always amazed at the way that it looks now. I am picturing what you are talking about the shelter and it sounds really good. For the humidity you might try some dry-z-air or something. Good luck.
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Date:July 4th, 2012 10:19 am (UTC)
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The crawlspace is actually bone dry unless I am using water to dig, then it takes a few months to dry out.

There is a seam of clay 22 feet thick the house rest upon that shields me from the water table, and I had one wall that got damp from the sprinklers but I used drylok on it and that fixed it right up..

The guy never called about picking up the chair lift so I canceled the concrete until fall when I hopefully have gotten caught up on my other projects.

Working under there is a good winter project when it's cold outside so I'm gonna finish up the pool house first since it will get used.

Have a good fourth RT!