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Jun. 20th, 2012 @ 11:55 am Onward!
I figured since I had so much of a headstart on cleaning up the crawlspace, and it is Hurricane season after all, I may as well finish it up as well as the pool house so I can run two generators to power the well without having to shut the house down in case I want to wash clothes, cause generally you get dirty cleaning up after a hurricane. If I'm not needing constant water I can just shut it off after it recharges the system, and power it back up when we run low on drinking water, and I have a sixty gallon water tank I am debating adding in under the house on an end run to keep enough to flush a toilet and wash your hands twenty times and can add it in over by the master bath and have it just supply water to that bathroom cause that bathroom is reinforced a bit more than the rest and if I brake a pipe somewhere in the house I can cap it off cause I have loads of fittings in bins I keep with the hurricane stuff cause it's easy to get to for regular plumbing projects, but that is the kind of thing you might just need to get water the day after the storm passes and the hardware store has been leveled..

I keep the glue down there to especially cause it stays sixy nine degrees more or less year round when I'm not using water to dig holes or something. It takes a good long time to dry back out after I used the sand moving device but I am gonna wrap up the Tornadoe bunker gonna be a wine celler project next month when I have some extra money and sand bag the walls with concrete mix in an ever enlarging circle, fill behind it as I go with portland cement and sand, Pour a sloped floor headed down to the stairs out I'll make, then keep spryaing it with the hose everyday until the bags harden.

After that I will almost stucco over the bags with sand mix, which is why I want a slop to the walls, and try to not leave any cracks, let that set up then fill the pit to the top with water, let it sit a day and saturate the portland cement behind everything, then slowly pump it out with a small sump pump.

Once that sets a good coupla few days I'll be able to use four times the water I could before to pump out the clay I dig with a fire hose, and have a three inch sch 40 line buried to the lake from where the drive starts to attach an eight hp pump at the bottom and push lake water up hill to both fill the pit and power the firehouse with valve I made that will slice like a lazer through this particular type of clay, and I am going to dig out proper walkways to get to things I have in long term storage, like piles of wire and stuff that can lay on the clay shelves next to the trench and I'll make some vids of the thing actually working like it was meant to...

Pumps maybe a yard of clay in twenty minutes, possibly half that, when you had ample water going in, but back then I was just running off my well, with one trash pump not two!

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Date:June 27th, 2012 11:44 pm (UTC)
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Hey, I heard Hurricane and Florida on the news and thought about you. I hope you are doing okay. I am not sure what part of Florida you are in, supposedly the northern portion is partly underwater, but for all I know you are either sitting at home listening to the wind or taking shelter and scrambling to pump water out of your shelter. Good luck to you either way.

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Date:June 28th, 2012 01:58 am (UTC)
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Missed me by 80 miles! :(

We really need the rain, the lake is three feet low....