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Jun. 14th, 2012 @ 09:34 am Missed it by Thaaaaaaaat Much!
LOL, so Doomsday preppers had contacted me, spoke with me on the phone several time, then sent an email saying they want to come and film the tornado bunker and the house in general.

I've been working like a dog since I got it, preparing to figure out if my wifes caregivers could handle me being away cause the mail read like they wanted to fly me to another persons house to show them how to reinforce it, had friends showing up to help me, had my doc call in muscle relaxants cause my lower back is hard as a brick from all this rushing and carrying things around that I shouldn't and I call them cause they were to be here the 21st and 22nd to film and guess what?

The casting director sent the email to the wrong Michael!

I called cause I need a response for the email I replied back in with photos and stuff and hadn't heard back, and the casting director was clueless until she actually looks at her email and I hear an OMG! then she says she meant to send it to a different Michael, but I was first in her address book so she sent it to me by accident....

Things happen and I know she is up to her ears in applications so no harm no foul.

Apparently the intended Michael never got the email, cause I did instead so he missed out on being on the show, and they went with an alternative and already filmed it.

The show is really out there, people preparing for the end of the world or being over run by Zombies, and since I prep for real emergencies, like hurricanes, really I don't fit in well with whatever audience they have LOL, I am probably too boring to make the grade!

TV is a tough crowd! I like the show though!

I did get a lot done thanks to my friends, and am gonna finish concreting the Tornadoe hole and build steps leading into it, but the stress of a deadline is now gone and I slept really well last night!

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Date:June 17th, 2012 05:03 pm (UTC)
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Dont you just love that feeling when a big project gets done, or the almost better feeling when you are racing to meet a deadline and suddenly when you are almost done the date gets moved back. Sorry about the whole being on TV thing. I looked at the comments on the video, seems some people definitely are more concerned about other disasters rather than the one most threatening, like the guy thinking that a bunker, regardless of how deep, could protect you from a gamma ray burst. I really liked the video, though I wanted the music to continue with the NOAA radio broadcast. Some of my best memories from childhood where sitting with my parents listening to the NOAA radio that woke us up in the middle of the night, along with the radio in the kitchen tuned to a station that would start broadcasting detailed local information if there actually was a threat but in the meantime just broadcast classic rock. I guess it wasnt classic yet then.

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Date:June 17th, 2012 06:25 pm (UTC)
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For the record when I was building the house I made those workbenches extra stout to lay under during tornadoes and told a friend in the Fl House when I kept dragging him over here to write a bill giving people doing new or building or remodeling one room into a safe room they'd get an extra property tax break, and I used that particular NOAA cause I noticed during the first two they had added workbench LOL.

Honestly think about it, I build a workbench to hide under and out of the blue it's now on the alerts.

I had a lotta readers back then when I was in La La Land.

I guess not so senseless doesn't appeal to many hahahhah!

I gotta lotta stuff done though and cleared about a dozen wheel barrows of sand out of the cave, and I am gonna pick up,Pun<<<, a couple pallets of Quicrete in forty pound bags and do it sand bag style, cut out all the plumbing in there but the well and one of the three?????? I get carried away, three inch pipes coming up from the ground, cut one two feet high and put a drain top on it, and pour a smooth floor, then over the years anytime I have a project involving concrete I over estimate it cause there is nothing like rushing to the hardware to get more while the stuff you already poured is setting up, I'll keep using up left overs right away instead of turning them into rocks, and plaster the walls.

It's clay you can dig straight down and it hasn't budged in the three years since I messed with it, but as I go up ever coupla rows of concrete bags, I am going to dig the circle bigger, so I'll end up with a wall like a cone, which I figured will out live me arches being what they are.

I actually have a bigger project still going around in my head LOL, but for now this will fix it so it's safe if I drop over dead and no one finishes it, and I still have it all rigged up to mine hyrdrolically, and when I got the trecher for the sprinklers I also trenced a 100 feet of three inch sch forty to the lake from the edge of my drive.

I have a second three inch trash pump that I can put near the lake, shoot water to within maybe sixty feet of where I need it, have a good supply of pipe and rubber connectors, so if the pit was all concrete where I could fill it all the way up with water I could pump out a mega amount of clay to the back yard, maybe behind a seawall or something since its clay not sand, so I could make my walkway I dug out to stand up right, it's like eight feet of head room in the very center, the entire length of the crawlspace, and carve out a room at the far end and I would end up with a waste high shelf five feet wide all around the footers, and be able to walk the entire length standing and gain 800sf of storage space, and if a storm suddenly got worse I could fit the entire neighborhood under there in the trenches and room, just leave it clay and I wouldn't ever need to go broke on concrete building the bunker I REALLY want to build lol.