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Apr. 29th, 2012 @ 09:34 am Yowza~
The pool is ready for a new liner!

I've got a handicap lift to put next to it for Mary, winter cover and tubes, new pump, Chloinator and a slew of other stuff, the liner should be made by now and I got motivated yesterday with the help of Alex, and using my mini jackhammer we tore out the concrete steps I was gonna have the pool people remove for $300 and I got a bargain on the Polaris Vacume of $325, so by doing it myself and paying Alex I basically got the vacume for $60! They sell for like $650, and to have the entire system put in was expensive when we first did the pool 15? years ago cause you need a second pump and more plumbing, but everything works fine except my old vacume had turned white from the sun it was so old and the tires were crumbly, so $60 is worth having the pool vacume itself everyday LOL.

They need to make an inexpensive pool Ph monitor that adds Chlorine and other stuff to the water....

Pool maintence is a pain.

The new liner will be very dark blue with a black Tiger stripe hahhahaha!

I'll be ready to party like a Rock Star!

Needs repaired

Today's Project!

Wham Bam!
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