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Apr. 26th, 2012 @ 03:22 pm A Memory is a Terrible thing to Misplace!
LOL, like how I keep forgetting to come over here and write.

I was sitting here thinking about what the heck have I been doing for the last three months cause honestly it's a blur, but my habit of making stupid You Tube vids and taking pictures, and I have more than 10,000 images of building the house on CD's and various computers and I wish I had remembered to reset the clock and date on my Sigma everytime the batteries died which was a lot, so they all have the same date Jan 1st of some year in the exif, but I do occasionally remember to upload stuff, and it's lucky I was in the habit before the wreck, cause just a picture is enough for me to remember whatever it was I was doing that particular day, and yeah I ramble in real life.

Anyways I was thinking about the pool getting a new liner next week, and was trying to think of how long it took to be so close to being finished with the yard for the summer except for cutting it, and I went to You Tube and remembered this all began cause I had to cut down a tree hahahhha!

It took off like I stacked dominoes to cascade upon their neighbor in a chain reaction...

If I had never cut down the tree in the dog pen, which I had to cause being dead, tall and very heavy was a serious risk, which I can see the inisurance company requiring me to have it cut down and rightly so, but to do it I had to first tear down the fence and put Wuff in the pool pen until I could cut the tree, and replace the fence.

And if your gonna build a fence,


you may as well build it just a little bit longer to hide the pool and backyard from the street since I'm next to a vacant lot, and heck go all the way and add a 90 and put up a privacy fence to really be sure, then gee a bit more fence would make for a good second dog pen so may was well do that, then of course to use it they'd need some stairs, and while doing all this since we had to move stuff around we may as well just start making piles so we only have to carry what Alex and I were taking to the dump, you start building the Adreline kicks in and when I have a helper I always have a list of things to do if they finish whatever I have them working on and wander off...

Then the insurance company that would have required me to have the tree cut down shows up in the midst of this, thinks my lab Wuff is a Wolf cause of his name, takes pictures of the sorted debris to be hauled off on amnesty day, like tires and such.

Then they drop me with no chance of reinstatement but I went through hoops to appease them and got them to reinstate it after three weeks of no insurance...

I have tires cause I use the pontoon boat as a barge when I build docks for the record, and the tires keep me from rubbing against the dock.

For the record I got rid of the car on blocks a year ago!

But I seem to have gotten a good bit done in the last three months going from the date I uploaded the vid.

I'm searching for stainless steel pipe to make a wood burning pool heater that would be similar to the wood burner I have in the workshop but I chose a dark dark blue liner with black tiger stripes that should soak up the sun pretty quickly.

I wish I hadn't been greedy when I put it in cause we have a ten foot setback from the sidelines, and my steps are eleven feet from the fence, cause I'd really like to pour a foundation around the thing and build a block building around it and fill the walls with rebar and concrete. It's on the West side of the house and I actually tied off some boards at the corners then sat here in the kitchen and if I sloped the roof away from me I can still see the entire lake and the seawall, and being that the water heater would be something I built, not something I bought, I'd naturally make the flue out of heavy pipe and short, and I could burn pine, cause the pipe could take the heat if it caught fire every now and then and clean itself out in the process, plus Mary is allergic to Oak smoke but not Pine, and I have 40 acres of pine up the road a bit that needs thinned, so I've got an endless supply of fuel.

I was also considering that I could buy prestressed concrete and make a flat foor with stairs leading up to it, adding a railing and some tables and chairs and it would hold 40 people if I was the sort to have neighborhood parties.

Technically I could go before the County Commisioners twice and more than likely get a variance cause this is a small town and we all know each other, and my neighbors wouldn't mind a bit, but I'm not likely to do that anytime soon hahhaha.

I just think about doing it once a week or so...

I got a handicap lift to mount by the pool, very simple so nothing to wear out in the long run. Made in the US completely from stainless steel, and can lift up to 400 pounds, and swings easily in a complete circle and will lower Mary into the water twenty eight inches if my cacluations are correct, which is plenty of depth to get the sling out from under her, and more importantly get her back in it, and the pool was built for water therapy so it's twenty by forty and five feet deep all across, which works out to four and a half feet of water, so she used to walk laps in it, and now with some adult water wings I found online she'll be able to float in a standing position without bumping her toes on the bottom, and will get her Moving which is good for ya!

Pools are a serious pain to maintain, and I used to hate the thing cause of that, but I'm actually looking forward to it, probably cause I don't actually remember how much of a pain they are LOL.

Ready for a New Liner
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Date:April 28th, 2012 07:31 pm (UTC)
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All your planning makes me think of the things that I am constantly dreaming up and drafting but never actually building. Have you heard of Google Sketchup, it is a free CAD program with great functions and a good user interface. For all your projects that you have the idea really clearly in your head but dont think that you will get to it for a while it saves them as a three dimensional model. Its also good for designs on any scale from a couple of centimeters to miles.

It's funny, I was looking at the picture of your empty pool and thinking, wow I wonder how much one of those spray on truck bed liners would cost for a whole pool.

By the way I am not sure if it is intentional on your part or not and if it is this is in no way meant to be a pressure (also it could just be my bad memory making a fool out of me) but I can not remember ever seeing a picture of Wuff.

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Date:April 28th, 2012 07:42 pm (UTC)
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Gator Hunting
Date:April 29th, 2012 04:14 am (UTC)
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Thanks! Great looking dog.