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Apr. 18th, 2012 @ 06:25 pm Life's been Hectic!
This is gonna be a long post sorry, you might to want to scroll through it but geez has it been a long three weeks of stress and once again I've neglected this place I keep meaning to move back to but in the middle of Alex and I replacing the fence, the new Insurance carrior I switched to for better coverage from a better company sent out an "Inspecter" to take photos of the outside of the house which is completely normal except...

The guy showed up with Alex and I working in the back, doing the fence and stairs and making piles of junk to haul off to the dump, had cut down the huge dead pine tree cause it was a hazard, and the guy is all friendly and all and we talk about taking the stuff to the dump cause Amnesty Day was coming up and you could get rid of tires, batteries, old paint etc for free.

The County has two days a year for this so I save my old flourscent bulbs and all and anyways, I have Wuff in the fenced area for the pool, which the underwriter new was empty when I got the policy and that the liner was torn, told him his name is Wuff, and he proceeds to take pictures not so much of the house but of my piles of sorted debris, cut boards laying under my miter saw and lumber stacked to be cut since I think we were actually putting up the stairs that day, and put's in his report that I have a wolf hybred and the yard is full of construction debris, which emmediately triggered the Insurance company to send me a your dropped letter, with no chance of reinstatement and dropped me.

If I had a mortgage I'd have been screwed, but apparently no one will insure an empty pool, which seems odd cause you can't drown in it and it's still fenced to code, and since the report said I had a Wolf, no one would pick me up.

I went three weeks with no insurance at all and more or less got black balled as far as getting future insurance, but everything having a silver lining I got into Mike Mode, and Alex, my wife Mary's primary caregiver's youngest son, and I went to town on cleaning things up and finishing the steps, and since he also had commented that my yard was unkempt, probably cause I was letting weeds get tall enough to kill them with a herbicide before the grass started turning green, and I had huge dead spots I had erradicated Crab Grass from LOL, I triple seeded it and everything is just starting to really take off and the crab grass after three years seems to be gone...

The pool also was a problem but I'm getting the liner replaced next week, already got a new pump, chlorinater, winter tarp and also a handicap lift that mounts to the side of the pool so Mary will be able to get into it from her wheel chair which will do her a lotta good.

I needed a good kick inthe rear to get my lazy self movin~!


Anyways, to sum this up, there were a lot of other errors in the report, like saying this is a single story dwelling, I would think the windows on the second floor would be a clue, I decided to take the direct approach and called the insurance company, not my agent, and got a real human who actually listened to it, looked at his copy of the report with Wuff in it, and his replys was, "That's no Frickin Wolf" LOL


After I explained the fact we had been cleaning up the yard for a couple months, he had me email him the pictures of what it looks like now, and I took Wuff by the vets, Thanks Doc!, I had to take two of the poodles in so he just looked at him and wrote something out real quick on his letterhead saying he is a Lab blend, emailed it to the guy at the insurance and an hour later he calls and says he reinstated it cause the report was totally wrong, so no more Black Ball next time I need to renew insurance, and I got the yard clean to boot!

New Rose Garden

Debris Free!

New Back Steps!

Front drive is cleaned!

The pool should be fixed by the weekend after next!
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Date:April 23rd, 2012 02:12 pm (UTC)
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Wow your pool looks really great. I had been wondering where you were. Insurance companies seem to always be like that, they send someone out first who really has no business inspecting homes, and finally when you make a call and get a real person they use logic and do things right. It just seems odd that an unkempt yard (which could be fixed by an hour or two with a lawn mower and weed-eater) could have any effect on the value of a house, maybe the 40 dollars it would take to hire someone to do it??
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Date:April 23rd, 2012 05:18 pm (UTC)
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Yeah but most yards with hay in them should be a clue someone is trying to grow grass don't you think?? LOL

It was a calamity of errors and I suspect the guy just didn't like me for some reason.

It was good to get all the stuff cleaned up cause it motivated me to do it, otherwise I would have dragged it out for two months hahahha!

Ha ya been RT?
Date:April 25th, 2012 02:38 pm (UTC)
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Pretty good, I came dangerously close to posting that last comment from my home IP address and when I was getting ready to put my RT at the end I realized my mistake. I am worried though that my friend will stop letting me use his IP as a proxy and you will not be able to recognize me. LOL
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Date:April 25th, 2012 08:07 pm (UTC)
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I don't even look at your IP...