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Feb. 8th, 2012 @ 11:30 am A Post!
Lots of them!

I'm fencing in the back yard a bit and moving the "temporary" fence I built a decade ago to just my side of the proerty line, building stairs from the back deck into a penned area for the pups, then a gate from there out to the rest of the back yard but it will be plenty of room for the pups to bark at Wuff in his bigger pen next to it.

My Dad just visited! and supervised Alex and I so we have the start of a pretty solid and straight fence. I always double up my horizonatal bars like L beams so they don't sag or twist as the years go by, and I am spacing them for 48 inch wire fence, but also building it so I can come along later if I want and turn it into a privacy fence. I'm thinking of planting Ivy on it.

I was gonna go with grape plants, cause I have a sprinkler line that runs the length of the fence buried and could put a sprinker head anywhere I planted them, so they'd probably grow pretty well and get a lot of late summer light but remembered grapes are toxic to dogs and nixed the idea...

The black piping sticking out of the ground is for fresh air to the Tornadoe Bunker LOL. It's buried about five feet down in one solid length of pipe and currently still out of the spot I have dug out about four feet. I'm gonna rig a computer fan to it and car battery, and for outside I have a twenty inch in diameter piece of steel pipe twenty inches long with flanges to bolt it to a concrete pad. I'm gonna weld a lid on it and cut some holes in the side, sandblast it and paint it black and yellow stripes, and find a radiation sticker to put on the top LOL!

Always something to do!

Ducks in a Row

My Dad the Supervisor!

Dad and the Handivan!
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