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Jan. 19th, 2012 @ 09:52 am I'm a Lumberjack!
I've gotta get the wife to the hairdresser's this afternoon and after looking in the mirror it appears I am in dire need of a Haircut, so I'm gonna try and get the dead pine in the back cut down real quick before we go.

I had planned on a bonfire with it cause Alex will be here helping today, and with the big saw, I can cut it into bite sized chunks in no time being that its been dead a while, but even though we got rain the other day it's to dry out to get a fire going if I'm not here to watch it.

I'm gonna spread all the ashes out in the spot I burn then till it into the ground after the Oak leaves fall in the Spring... Yeah that's odd timing I know, but the soil here has a very low Ph and the ashes raise it and made a huge difference in the sweetness of the stuff that comes from the fruit trees, and with cantaloupe and vegatables like that.

I'm gonna make a temporary fenced in spot around it, add a water spicket to the water line for the sprinklers to tap in a hose and use a regular srinkler from Walmart type sprinkler, and just let it grow wild all summer unless the caregivers want a spot in there to which I'm betting they both will want to at least grow some tomatoes or something, but anyways today I'll be a lumberjack, and maybe get a haircut, but won't be wearing any woman's clothing LOL

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Date:January 19th, 2012 09:24 pm (UTC)
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The hose spigot tapped into the sprinkler lines sounds like a good idea, depending on the size of the system it would be be useful to have spigots distributed across it so that you could manually water trouble spots. We have low pH here also, we dont burn enough brush though to have ashes to spread.