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Jan. 10th, 2012 @ 04:21 pm Taxes
I successfully stayed off the computer for a good while today and got a good start into presorting the boxes of reciepts and such I need to eventually sort further and totaled up.

I've got three good sized boxes to go LOL, but took care of everything stacked on the kitchen table, went to the Post Office, put out preemergence crabgrass killer out on the lawn cause it's starting to rain and rain is free LOL, Unloading some stuff from my truck cause as I said, it's starting to pour, took the dogs out cause it's starting to pour, poured a cup of coffee and am trying to do a take on on fencing in the back yard for the dogs...

I really would like to make an ornate fence for the drive to the rear cause a farm gate is well, a farm gate, but the place I used to salvage steel from that was owned by a friend named Al has been closed for some time now and he's moved away.

If we can swing it I'll put in the seawall and get some more yard for the dogs, but playing in mud and water is a spring or summer tye of thing so my next project is probbly gonna finish cleaning out the computer room so it can be a spare bedroom, then clear out the sewing room and put up a door and closet and turn it into a spare bedroom, then while I've got an empty room I'll empty the last of the boxes in the attic out and sort through them for stuff, and put in the two power attic fans to cut down the air conditioning bill.

Someone please remind me to get this all done before it gets hot again LOL.

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Date:January 14th, 2012 04:29 am (UTC)
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I dream of one day having the space for a computer room. On my budget I am just lucky my kitchen and living room are not one single room.
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Date:January 14th, 2012 03:03 pm (UTC)
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The ONLY reason I can afford to live in this house is because I built it myself LOL. I bought a few older ones in town, remodeled them, then resold them to pay for it. I built it big so I could have room to pace since I knew my wife would end up an invalid, and the computer room is really a bedroom and it's just the two of us here, but I built it for a family with kids to live in one day down the road....

The economy will turn around, it's a long trend going up and down constantly.
Date:January 14th, 2012 06:56 pm (UTC)
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I am just worried that with the economy it is going to be a long road down. People are increasingly getting pulled into self-destructive patterns and the government is doing the same thing. I really am worried. But ever the optimist I do think we can turn it around, it is just going to take more than politicians giving speeches, and committees making "resolutions". LOL
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Date:January 14th, 2012 07:23 pm (UTC)
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I really meant a LONG cycle as far as the economy goes. I honestly don't think it correlates directly to who ever holds office or what group of wackos is in the majority as far as the House and Senate.

Politics confuses me and I really try to avoid arguements about it and don't belong to any party, not even the independents.

while you're here RT, got a weird one that I am gonna cut and paste from Face Book. Maybe you have a clue but it's a really odd situation but I got the program installed so at this point I am just trying to curb my curiosity LOL.

"So, Friday the Thirteeth....

Everything was fine until I decided I could relocate to the master bedroom, bury myself under two quilts with the head of the bed up like a chaise lounge, add in four dogs and a wife and a laptop and yes I let her have the remote control though I did actually succeed in watching an ENTIRE episode of CSI without nodding off but and or anyways,

Midway through all this ...I took my hand off the laptop just once to fix my pillow, laptop sildes to the ground lands on the floor hard, It's water and shock resistant and all that, but it hit hard, chipped a corner off in an inconspicuous spot. Shut it down and restarted, everything checks ok and then I start installing a book keeping program and the thing stalls....

Try like ten times in a row, anytime I try and run it the computer won't read it...

I think a moment take the disc to another computer it comes right up. Go back to the lap top same errors so now I'm thinking I broke the dvd player.

Three weeks out of warranty.

I thought some more.

Came up with an idea and got an audio cd, put it in the laptop, and it starts blasting music the wife probably didn't appreciate LOL, so now I'm thinking well it just is happening to DVD's so I check the regional settings and notice they've never once been set, no clue how I was able to watch DVDs previously, and I think a bit on that one but not for long, so I set it to region 1, try again.

Same thing.

I then get a dvd movie.

It plays just fine like it did before. Pop in a dvd with a program on it same thing, everything is AOk.

Put the original disc in question in,

Same errors as before.

I go to sleep puzzled, wake up with a work around, burn a copy of the DVD, pop it in the laptop and away we go!

Just for kicks after I installed it, I pop the original that by now I've test on four computers and three outta four agree, it's a good disc!

Still get the orignial error message with the original disc....

Anyone out there have a clue?

I accomplished the goal, but it bugs me not to solve a puzzle, so can I buy a vowel?

Odd isn't it?