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Jan. 3rd, 2012 @ 08:40 am Don't Forget Hurricane Season starts in June!
I had to renew my homeowners policy on the house and switched companies to get more coverage at a lower rate, and Florida cuts homeowners a break on thier insurance if we upgrade our houses to take a higher windload.

To the ones still hanging in here, I am switching back to Livejournal instead of FaceBook so tell all your Friends LOL, but the die hards will remember how strongly I reinforced this house. This was actually the "prototype" for the MySafeFloridaHome program thanks to having a neighbor in the House of Reps, that I kept dragging over here to show him how I was glueing down all my plywood and putting it down under my sheet rock, or drywall for the Yankees...

My idea was to give people a break on new construction if they made a safe room in thier house to run to during a bad storm but he expanded it and they used to match improvements they would suggest after doing a free inspection, and match dollar for dollar up to $5000.

That program ran out of funding but I scored outragiously high considering I didn't have hurricane shutters, and I was getting the break from my previous carrior, but for some reason they don't have a copy of my Wind Midigation Certificate, so I am having the house reinspected today at noon, and that was enough to kick me in the rear and build covers.

Time that with a very generous gift from my Uncle John that is covering the cost of all this, it seems like destiny. I realize these are kinda ugly, but they will serve the purpose, and are only for floors I can reach without a ladder. I had steel ones installed for the high windows that will take a ladder cause some of my windows are 6 x 6, and the metal ones go up a strip at a time and overlap which should make life much simpler in the event we actually do get a hurricane someday.

I don't have them completely finished, and it will take about 2 hours a window to install the studs they mount to the first time, and I'll make sure each is labeled to avoid confusion.

I'm gonna build a shed under the back deck to store them that will fit right into an indentation I made in the block wall originally to stack firewood until I remembered termites LOL, and I'll build it to fit so I am not tempted to hide other things in there LOL.

I don't actually need to have them finished by noon fortuneately, as long as I have all the materials on hand so he can photo graph everything, and thanks to unbeleavably fast shipping and Ebay I got all my Dade County approved Hurricane anchors that get screwed 3 1/2 inches into the side of the house and leave an inch long stud sticking out, to which I'll attach a 2 inch long coupler, then use a hex bolt and fender washer to secure them using a cordless drill and socket drive.

I should be able to prepare for a hurricane in a day after this just by picking up perishables, filling up both tanks in my truck and the big one in the van which gives me 55 gallons of gas for the generators, plus by using the trucks as storage, I won't have all that gas laying about waiting to go bad in 6 gallon cans if we don't lose power for long, and can use it for driving if we don't..., and by boarding the place up.

I'm really curious if I'll get any credit for having a tornadoe bunker!


BTW thanks for helping Alex!


6 x 6 Window!

2/3rd of them Built!

Hurricane Anchors
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