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Nov. 18th, 2011 @ 08:44 am The Final Stretch of Shelves!
Alex came by and helped me get the frame work for the rest of the shelves.

Everything is glued and nailed solid into studs and I'm gonna pick up some angle brackets today and screw them into the drops from the ceiling then cut all the plywood and put it in place.

It's at least 400 sf of storage that's easy to get to when you need it but out of the way when you don't, and doesn't get in the way of pulling in two cars since my tool boxes will fit below it against the back wall and I can get ladder brackets to keep my 40 foot ladder and it should fit collapsed with about a foot to spare.

If I can only get it out from under the crawlspace, not quite sure how I got it in there to begin with LOL, but the thing is so massive it takes two to set it up and I only bought it to do the siding on the house when I built it and to trim tree but if anyone is out there close by and has a 34 footer I'll make an even swap for the thing, it's practically new still.

More Shelves!
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