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Nov. 13th, 2011 @ 04:54 pm A Brief Intermission
I paused and did some mods to my wifes power chair cause her leg has gotten so deformed it won't reach the foot rest, so I cut it off, the foot rest, not her other foot, and rewelded it higher and to the right where her foot wants to got and I'm gonna make a pillow that ties on to rest her toes upon!

I also reinforced a bit of the frame work hopefully to take away some of the little jiggle she feels when we go for a cruise and made the seat so it can rotate again which she'll like when shopping, she won't get a crick in her neck trying to see what's on the shelves...


Moved the Foot Rest Up

I'm trying to find another joystick control to put back on the arm wrest since I took the original one and mounted it on the rear so I could back her in and out of the Handivan, but not being able to drive it herself led to a few arguements LOL, and I welded the brackets for the thing so it stuck up right over her right shoulder and don't have the option of unwelding it and making it fit back on the arm. I'll wire a switch back there that lets me toggle between controllers so I can still back her into the van but she can let lose and go racing across the parking lot seeing if we can catch her which she'll do just for a laugh LOL.

Scares me to death and she knows it!
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Date:November 14th, 2011 02:09 am (UTC)

Joy-sticks etc...

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All this talk of two joysticks on a wheel chair got me thinking...
Get a motorized wheelchair.

2. Get some kind of pressurized gas cylinder, possibly medical oxygen cylinder to go with the wheelchair look (mark it boldly as not pure oxygen though for what I have in mind)

3. Get a small quiet air compressor (12V DC Like for filling car tyres by the side of the road), mount the compressor on the wheelchair

4. Get a splitter for the compressor tip and a one way valve and pressure gauge for one branch, and an adapter tip for the other branch to fit it to the oxygen cylinder.

5. Get a compressed air powered nerf type gun with large nerf foam rounds. Mount it on detachable mounts on the side of the wheelchair facing forward. Connect it to the oxygen cylinder

(I would guess you can tell where I am going with this)

6. Modify the gun to have an electrically actuated trigger, wire the trigger mechanism to one of those cold war style, big red button with a clear plastic cover.

7. Mount the button next to the joystick on the arm of the wheelchair

You now have a wheelchair based Nerf tank. The gun is detachable so that it can be detached and aimed separately from the chair.

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Date:November 14th, 2011 02:11 am (UTC)


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When I was younger I wanted to mount one of those freon powered bb guns facing backwards on my bike for those idiots riding just off my rear wheel....