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Aug. 29th, 2011 @ 06:39 am Moving Write Along!
I'm down to about the last 20 feet of concrete along the far side of the house and so far so good.

Wish I had time to plant some summer grass seed alongside it where I've been smoothing the lawn edges up with sand but it's too late in the season to I'm gonna grab a few more piece of sod to put on the slopes so it doesn't wash out, and plant rye grass in about a month to hold everything in place over the winter, and in the spring the lawn will just naturally creep to the edge of the concrete in search of the water that will run off it.

The other side of the wall by the airconditioners is a crawlspace and since I put the sprinklers in the bricks been getting sprayed everyday and its creeping to the inside but it's already drying up where the concrete has set up so this should work pretty good at keeping the crawlspace / bunker space dry like it used to be before I got crazy with the sprinkler system....

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