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Aug. 19th, 2011 @ 03:30 pm Ya Gotta Move!
I got lucky and by planning ahead and using sch40 for the pipes instead of that less expensive thin wall stuff I fixed the sprinkler system in under 20 minutes. She drove over the most congested collection of piping all tightly fit together since it was next to teh valve box, and it just sunk into the sand an inch or two and the sprinkler head just snapped off at the nylon fitting which is weak just for that reason. I cleaned out the threads, put on a new head and took out the last one in the line and substituted a 2 foot extension you use in shrubs and set it to run a minute and flushed all the sand that had gotten in the pipe out directing the water to the driveway with my hand.

My life is a run on sorry it makes sense when I type it lol.

Anyways I popped the sprinkler back in set it to 10 minutes and things are fine.

I've made it to the turning point with the concrete around the house project and today I'm trying to get about 20 feet of the longest side of the house done. I'm making it a bit wider cause after the concrete cures real well I plan to remove the gutter so when I'm too old to climb a ladder but still too cheap to pay someone else to do it I don't ever have to worry about leaves filling it up. The concrete is along the edge of the first catch basin and I'm going to fashion a spillway that pours into the drain for the downspot which I already have bricked in a nice foot wide square.

I take the run off from the street seriously and the trick to stopping erosion is to slow things down. We can get 6 inches of rain in an hour everyonece in a while and dirt just isn't cheap and I end up taking all the water from both sides of a couple hundred feet of street. It works great and the other side was a real problem cause before I convinced my neighbor to let me put him in a drain for his side of the property line it was so much water it was undermining my back driveway a bit but the grass is all covering it now so problem solved....

Final Stretch...
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Date:August 20th, 2011 12:59 am (UTC)

Sprinkler System / Ventilation System

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I am not sure what kind of sprinkler system you have but if it is like the one I looked at a few years ago it could have great potential. Given a remotely triggered valve (even a manually triggered from a distance) and some clever jury rigging and pipe running, you could create a diversified air intake system for your cave, or a diversified exhaust outflow for a generator or stove...

I just like to think sometimes.