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Jul. 30th, 2011 @ 12:52 pm More Power!
LOL after five years of putting it off which caused me to spend every summer dragging hoses around I finally got 80% of the sprinkler system done!

I went a bit over board and used 1 1/4 inch pipe to supply 6 zones in the front yard which is maybe 6000 square feet lol. I could have done it with a zone on each side of the drive but I made sure every thing overlapped and it does so well that I only need to run each zone 20 minutes I guestimate, I'll through a bucket out some day and measure to be sure, and I have it set up so currently I water the vacant lot next door so the grass continues to creep over it, and if they build I just need to swap heads if they don't want their driveway or house watered....

I used heads along the road that spray like a fountain so I could put them ten feet from the asphault cause no matter what they are gonna get driven on if they're next to the road and they spray about a foot onto the road so low they would only get a cars tires wet if anything but I have the timer set to go off at 5 and made the two strips run first. I also remembered or rather thought of putting big filters on the runs to catch any pieces of sand from the well that might get in there and clog a head.

I went a bit crazy on the deals and currently have enough extra parts to do 2 yards lol and got everything for 20% of the cost at Lowe's or Ace, bought all the pipe from Ace with the gift certificate they kindly sent me for not sending me my rewards coupons for a year, paid Alex who helped emmensly and spent $83 to rent a Ditch Witch for 3 days thanks for that btw they gave me the contractors price on it and we ended up ptting about 700 feet of pipe down in 2 days easy and now just need to go back and adjust the height of each head cause we got some perfectly timed heavy rain that settled the sand around the pipes and I wanted to leave them until I was sure they had sunk as far as they were gonna.

I'm gonna turn around and resell all the extra parts I got and bet I can break even thanks to getting the pipe for free....

I got another deal I was googling to find out how to kill Crab Grass without killing off my Centipede Bermuda mix and rann across an online add for a free first lawn treatment for $29 cause they want you to have them visit every 6 weeks but me being me smelled a deal it was to kill both bugs and weeds and I figured I'd at least get to speak to someone with local knowledge of the grasses here,


I call and being honest told the guy I wasn't gonna sign up for anything except a 1 time treatment but I wouldn't hold them to the ad I just figured they knew more about crab grass than anyone else I'd likely run into and he said he'd send a crew out, identify all my weeds, treat the lawn plus give it a second treatment gratius in the winter to fertilize the prefered grasses and seriously it pays to take a few extra minutes and actualy talk to these sales people sometime I mentioned building the house myself and how I couldn't remember a thing anymore so could he email me a reminder plz and sure then transfered me to the pay me lady who knocked it down to $23 since I prepaid meaning the crew can show up anytime and do it without needing me there to hand them a check and that's half the cost of weed killer...

If I drank I'd probably drink that Mogendavid stuff!

Ditch Witch!

Three Valves and a Water Filter

Needs Three Valves
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Date:July 31st, 2011 01:23 pm (UTC)

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