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Jul. 3rd, 2011 @ 07:45 am Painted the Handivan last Night!
I'm waiting on the caregiver to show up so I can go pick up Scott to have hime help me put it all back together...

I't looked pretty good taped up in the booth last night so will see when we unmask it and stick it in teh sun for a look but i don't think I got much of a two wone effect teh colors seems so close. Intill I unmask the rook I'll know right away LOL. I should have put a lot more than 200 grams of extra silver in the base.

The carpets in I even managed to loosen the roll cage enough to slip the new stuff under it and got sock one inch by one eight ribbon steel that I have screwed over the seems since this was aftermarket stuff and you have to more or less spend some time trimming spots to get a good fit and I glued it all down. I'm going to put two black plates of thin steel where I need to get her tires lines up to hook the five sixteenth chain holding her doen the floor when I put her in there, and I still have to cut the carpet where the bolts go for the sets and fonts brackets csue I wanted the carpet to dryll enough that I could just use a 12 in bit from below to get then marked up to then cut a square out around each spot and everything in priciapl fit right in LOL.

We're gonna get the grills bumpers and light in it then bring it here to do the weather srippping. It's after market to cause after all this thing is seventeen years old, and I will need to glue them and leave the doors open for a day so they get a solid fit to the door, otherwise shutting the doors to soon makes them bend and pull away, so I'm gonna tape them all tight in the right place hit the switch that kills the inside lights and it will be ready to take her to the ear docs to get a fitting aid tuned in.

I have no clue how I managed to find an Ear Doctor that was gonna be open for half a daaay on the fourth but I can beat the deadline!

Ready to paint!
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