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Jun. 29th, 2011 @ 08:19 am Hurricane Arlene..
I've had this feeling for six weeks now we we're do for a bad hurricane season and ordered Hurricane shutters for the master bedroom, great room and guest suit that uses a system of steel panels each weight 5 lbs that I can safely install from a ladder. Lowes sells a similar item that I'm gonna do myself one cause they are all lower windows and doors and two the company wanted 9k to do the entire house which is not in the budget...
I could probably done the master bedroom and Great room by myself since they are one eleven feet in the accident prone is just that and I already hosed my back up stepping off the wrong rung of a ladder but the two windows for the guest suite are 30 feet up so a missed rung would be a big deal lol.

Arlene is gonna be too far away to do anything so I'll stick to the game plan and finish the handivan up then measure my windows and see if I can afford to do the rest in the same fashion or go for the cheaper route and make them out of plywood but I'm gonna do that after the van is done cause anytime a huricane is approaching plywood sells out fast.

I'd rather not use plywood cause it takes up so much storage space most of the year whereas the steel system stacks nice and takes up little room and I could install it myself but plywood is a two man job.

I've also got to wire in an RV jack outside to the second service panel that handles the emergency circuit and put a bigger battery on the generator cause it's constantly dead, the thing is smaller than a motor cycle battery...

And yes I do have a wind up weather am fm radio, lights on rechargable batteries in enough places including the stairs and by the power box I need to get to to jack in the generator and seperate it from the main box so I don't try charging the entire street, and flashlights galore.

Plan Ahead!

Hurricane Precautions
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