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Jun. 27th, 2011 @ 06:16 pm Got Some Paint on the Handivan!
Uncle Scott and I worked eleven hours yesterday and got the final coat of primer on the van then painted the roof in the shop because it's too tall to do anything except the sides in there. It clears the door by a few inches.

I had started covering it with guide mark which is more or less fine carbon powder that sinks into the tiny you can't see them scratches and you then wet sand everything till the black is gone. I turned it grey with the dust after I took the shot, I was just getting started and realized I shouldn't get overed in the stuff and grab the camera but and or anyways I got 3 sides sanded today, sore as heck, and it should be ready to paint the sides blue but a few shades darker for a two tone, then I need to do the jambs put in the new carpet and all the lights bumpers emblems etc I took off and the thing is done except for fixing the cruise control and I'm gonna have a mechanic friend of mine do that...

Roofs Painted!

Last cCoat of Primer
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